About Alice Turner

Before becoming a doula, Alice Turner was a database programmer. She managed her own doula business with a series of Excel spreadsheets and knew that there must be a better way. YourDoulaBiz.com is an exciting outcome of the marriage of her first and second professions! Along with YourDoulaBiz.com, Alice also runs YourDoulaBag.com and YourBirthBag.com. YourDoulaBag.com is the place to find doula tools as well as fun doula items like jewelry and t-shirts. YourBirthBag.com is where mamas-to-be can shop for items for their birth bags. Alice’s right hand man for YourDoulaBiz.com is Shawn Kennedy.

Shawn has a passion for creating easy to use modern web applications. Always looking ahead to the latest technology he looks forward to implementing more exciting features for YourDoulaBiz.com.