FAQ You might find what you are looking for here. If not please contact us.

Do I need to load any software on to my computer?
No. You access the program through your browser.

Can I access the program on my phone? How about my iPad?
You can access your data anywhere you can access the internet.

Is the data safe and secure?
The entire YourDoulaBiz.com site is located in a secure website. Anytime data is entered or retrieved it is encrypted.

Is the data backed up?
Yes, our host company backs up the data every night. If your computer dies, your data is still safe and sound on the servers at our host company.

Do you have software for postpartum doulas?
Yes! For more info see this video

How do I track mileage and expenses?
Use the Task section to log your mileage and expenses. For more info see this video

I provide other services like childbirth education, placenta encapsulation and prenatal yoga. How do I track those clients?
Mark the services on the client page. For more info see this video

How do I invoice my clients?
You can send email invoice to your clients. For more info see this video

How do I share client data with my backup?
You can share your client records with your backup doula with the press of a button. For more info see this video